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Sonning Common Parish CouncilWelcome to the Sonning Common Parish Council Website. 

This site will give you access to all that’s going on at the Parish Council and be a convenient resource for information about services and local amenities.
Sonning Common village now consists of over 1600 households and 3105 electors.

Here you will find easy access to dates for council meetings, agendas, minutes and so on, plus links to South Oxfordshire District Council and Oxfordshire County Council websites for the wealth of information they provide.  All documents are in PDF format.

You can contact us to give feedback, make suggestions, ask questions, or raise concerns.  The contact form goes directly to our Parish Clerk, Philip Collings, who will forward it to the relevant Councillor.

Douglas Kedge, newly appointed Chairman of the Parish Council, comments: “It is a privilege to be appointed chairman of such a vital, forward-thinking, hard-working council, particularly one that has been elected by the village - the first time this has happened in over 25 years.  The great strength of this council is that it consists of twelve independent people all of whom have the best interests of the village at heart.  Where there is disagreement on what is the 'best interest' I hope there will be vigorous debate with the result then being accepted as a corporate decision.

Involvement by residents in the work of the parish council is important, and a warm welcome to our meetings is extended to all.  Public Participation is now invited before the business items to enable residents have their views on issues heard prior to decisions being made.  Likewise, volunteers are being sought to help us with the Neighbourhood Plan.  The successful completion of that Plan is essential if the village is to have a significant say in local planning issues.  If you are interested, please contact the Parish Office.

Our village has a wealth of positive, vital activity:  FISH, Nottakwire, the Village Gardeners, the Club S.C ( youth club),  Sonning Common Society, the Horticultural Society, the Sonning Common Magazine, the W.I., the Millennium Trust, the Village Hall Management Committee, the Friends of Sonning Common Library, the Health Walks groups to name only some of the bodies making big contributions.  The parish council is also determined to play its full role in helping to enrich and improve village life.

Finally, I look forward to the council gaining Quality Parish Council status to allow us to increase the range of services we can offer in addition to what we are already doing.”

Do you know what your Parish Council does?

Besides the items on the services page we try very hard to be as proactive as we can.  We have a limited number of statutory duties, and with the agreement of the District and County Councils could have wider powers helping to represent, lead and empower our local community.  By becoming involved the local community can directly affect how these powers are implemented.  In the last twelve months we have been instrumental in achieving:

Refurbishment and reinstatement of the public toilet in the Village Hall, open from 9-4pm daily.

New fences and gates for Churchill Crescent and Baskerville Road children’s play areas.

Trimmed back hedges after long neglect.

Cleared roadside gutters of weeds and debris to keep drains clear.

Improved heat management of Village Hall and new audio system.

New seat at Peppard Road bus stop.

Improvements to the Allotment site.

Drawn up a Snow Plan, which has already been tested.

Establishment of a Neighbourhood Plan Working Party to start the process of planning the future development of the village.

Set aside funds for next 2 years for Club SC (youth club).

Provided funding for local groups such as Village Gardeners, Sonning Common Magazine and Citizens Advice Bureau.

So please get involved – if we all work together we can make Sonning Common an even better place to live.

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