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Sonning Common Parish Council

No time to be bored

Sonning Common Parish CouncilI joined the Parish Council early in 2011 – something to do on dark nights and wet days when gardening (my favourite hobby) was impossible.  Well, what did I get myself into?  An immensely interesting and challenging role, that’s what!

I am ‘learning on the job’ – firstly as an ordinary council member, then as Chairman of the Planning Committee, and, more recently, as Chairman of the Parish Council, following in the very large footsteps of Douglas Kedge.

When the idea of a skatepark was raised, I was very enthusiastic about making it happen. And I hope you will all agree that the end result has provided a much-needed outlet for a wide range of age groups in the village. But clearly, it has not been without its problems.

Whilst talking about problems, unwanted housing development in the village has reared its ugly head on numerous occasions. However, because we have an extremely well-prepared Neighbourhood Plan, it has helped us provide a solid defence and I am extremely grateful to all those who led and participated in this very challenging process. The latest pieces of excitement have been the refusal of two controversial planning applications – 30 houses on SON 5, off Kennylands Road and the huge potential development of 245 homes in Eye & Dunsden Parish.

There are still so many exciting projects to deal with – a newly-acquired piece of woodland in Old Copse, a large recreation field behind Kidmore End War Memorial Hall – and this is in addition to the day-to-day workings of the Parish Council.

No chance of being bored then!

Councillor Carole Lewis, Chairman of the Parish Council

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