Sonning Common Parish Council


Meetings of the Parish Council take place in the Village Hall on the third Monday of every month (except August) at 8pm.

The Finance Committee meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 6.00pm

The Planning Committee meets on the first and third Monday of every month at 7.30pm

The public are welcome to attend and a short period is put aside at the begining of each meeting for anyone who wishes to address the Council on a matter that appears on the agenda; but the public cannot participate in the meeting.

There is an Annual Parish Meeting every year in April where the Parish Council and local organisations report to the community and where local residents can raise issues and discuss them in open forum.

Minutes have to be agreed at the meeting following the one at which they were recorded so they will be posted one month in arrears.

Please note that you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to read or print the agendas and minutes. If you don't have the reader you can download it here

DTF (Documents To Follow) denotes that a meeting is scheduled for that date and will be replaced by the agenda three clear days before the meeting.

Meetings - 2018
January 3rd     Agenda | Minutes
January 15th Agenda | Minutes Agenda | Minutes  
February 5th   Agenda | Minutes  
February 7th     Agenda | Minutes
February 19th Agenda | Minutes Agenda | Minutes  
March 5th   Agenda | Minutes  
March 7th     Agenda| Minutes
March 19th Agenda | Minutes Agenda | Minutes  
April 4th     Agenda | Minutes
April 16th Agenda | Minutes Cancelled  
May 2nd     Agenda | Minutes
May 8th   Agenda /
Amended | Minutes
May 14th - Annual Parish Council Meeting Agenda | Minutes    
May 14th - Ordinary Meeting Agenda | Minutes    
May 21st - Annual Parish Meeting DTF    
May 22nd   Cancelled  
June 4th   Agenda | Minutes  
June 6th     Agenda | Minutes
June 18th Agenda | Minutes DTF  
July 2nd   DTF  
July 4th     Agenda | Minutes
July 16th Agenda | Minutes Agenda | Minutes  
August 1st     Agenda | Minutes
August 6th   Agenda | Minutes  
August 20th   Agenda | Minutes  
September 3rd   Agenda | Minutes  
September 5th     Agenda | Minutes
September 17th Agenda | Minutes Agenda | Minutes  
October 1st   Agenda | Minutes  
October 3rd      
October 10th     Agenda | Minutes
October 15th Agenda | Minutes Agenda | Minutes  
November 5th   Agenda | Minutes  
November 7th     Agenda | Minutes
November 19th Agenda | Minutes    
December 3rd   Agenda |  
December 5th     Agenda | Minutes
December 17th Agenda | Minutes Agenda  


Meetings - 2019
at 20.00
at 19.15
at 18.00
January 7th   Agenda  
January 9th     Agenda | Minutes
January 21st Agenda Agenda  
February 4th   DTF  
February 6th     DTF
February 18th DTF DTF  
March 4th   DTF  
March 6th     DTF
March 18th DTF DTF  
April 1st   DTF  
April 10th     DTF
April 15th DTF DTF  
May 7th   DTF  
May 8th     DTF
May 13th - Annual Parish Council Meeting DTF    
May 20th - Annual Parish Meeting DTF    
May 21st   DTF  
June 3rd   DTF  
June 5th     DTF
June 17th DTF DTF  
July 1st   DTF  
July 3rd     DTF
July 15th DTF DTF  
August 5th   DTF  
August 7th     DTF
August 19th - DTF  
September 2nd   DTF  
September 4th     DTF
September 16th DTF DTF  
October 7th   DTF  
October 9th     DTF
October 21st DTF DTF  
November 4th   DTF  
November 6th     DTF
November 18th DTF DTF  
December 2nd   DTF  
December 4th     DTF
December 16th DTF DTF  

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